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We will focus on this topic about adverse events that could be related to eszopiclone and how often these events can happen.


Adverse Reactions

Adverse reaction incidence varies from person to person according to age, comorbid disease, and genetic factors.

Incidence >10%:

  • Gastrointestinal: dysgeusia (8% to 34%)
  • Central nervous system: headache (15% to 21%)

Incidence 1% to 10%:

  • Cardiovascular: chest pain (≥1%), peripheral edema (≥1%)
  • Central nervous system: pain (4% to 5%), Drowsiness (8% to 10%), dizziness (5% to 7%), depression (1% to 4%), neuralgia (≤3%),  confusion (≤3%), abnormal dreams (1% to 3%), anxiety (1% to 3%), hallucination (1% to 3%),nervousness (≤5%), migraine
  • Dermatologic: pruritus (1% to 4%), Skin rash (3% to 4%)
  • Endocrine & metabolic: decreased libido (≤3%), gynecomastia (≤3%)
  • Gastrointestinal:  dyspepsia (2% to 6%), xerostomia (3% to 7%), nausea (4% to 5%), vomiting (≤3%)
  • Genitourinary: urinary tract infection (≤3%), dysmenorrhea (≤3%)
  • Infection: infection (5% to 10%), viral infection (3%)
  • Miscellaneous: accidental injury (≤3%)

Incidence <1% (based on postmarketing, and/or case reports): Abnormal gait, abnormality in thinking, agitation, alopecia, altered sense of smell, abnormalities in menstruation, anemia, arthritis, asthma, inflammation of bronchies, infection in urinary tract, dehydration, increase of sweeting, dry eye syndrome, difficulty in digestion,shortness in breath, pain with urination, eczema, emotional lability, bleeding per nose, euphoria, facial edema, fever, gastric ulcer, gastritis, gout, bad smell of mouth, heavy menstrual bleeding, blood in urine, hepatic disease, hepatitis, herpes zoster infection, increase in cholesterol level in blood, increase in blood presuure,decrease level of potassium in blood, hyporeflexia, increased appetite, increased thirst, insomnia, fatigue, memory impairment, weekness of muscles, neck stiffness, photophobia, rectal hemorrhage, kidney pain, skin discoloration, skin photosensitivity, tinnitus, tongue edema, tremor, twitching, urinary frequency, urinary incontinence, urticaria, uterine bleeding, vaginal hemorrhage, vertigo, dermal inflammation.

Hints about the use of eszopiclone 

eszopiclone is associated with behavior changes and abnormal thinking, including aggression, decreased inhibition, depersonalization, hallucinations, and agitation. Amnesia and other neuropsychiatric symptoms may occur and may be related to unrecognized psychiatric disorders; this should be evaluated firstly

CNS depression: impairment of daytime functions may occur with higher doses (2 or 3 mg), even if used as instructed; try to avoid performing tasks that require mental alertness like operating machinery and driving the day after use. This risk is increased if taken with less than 7 to 8 hours a full night of sleep or if a higher than recommended dose is taken, or if coadministered with other drugs increase the level of eszopiclone or have a depressing event on the central nervous system. So dose adjustment may be required if taking concomitant with these drugs; don’t take eszopiclone with other sedative or hypnotics drugs at bedtime or in the middle of the night.

Complex sleep behaviors: eszopiclone has a US Box Warning about Complex sleep reports, including activities during sleep without recall these events following the use of eszopiclone. Some of these events may result in serious problems, including death. Other complex sleep behaviors (eg, having sex, making phone calls, preparing and eating food ) while asleep. Stop eszopiclone immediately if you experience any complex sleep behavior and don’t initiate it again.

Hypersensitivity reactions: if you develop any signs of hypersensitivity after eszopiclone use, stop it immediately and do not retake it again.

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eszopiclone 3mg tablets price